Rain Garden Design – Rain Garden Series Part Two We Provided Simple Steps To Calculate The Size Of Your Rain Garden

Prepare to have your rain garden materials at website prior to excavation.

Then the contractor can place the materials for you, I’d say if you have a large area. That said, for smaller sites, after this place is excavated to your calculated depth, you can place soil amendments in with a wheel barrel. If you are amending the soils, consider that although the rain garden depression depth is ’68’ deep, that will need to be accounted for during excavation. Therefore in case your calculated depression came to 6” and you are wanting to add in 8” of amended soils, the total excavation depth might be 6” + 8” = 14” deep.

That ensures that when you add in your 8” of soils, you will still have a 6” depression that allows for holding the stormwater in the rain garden.

Over 60 paintings were accepted into the 2016 Illinois River Salon and can be viewed here!

Illinois River Watershed Partnership SalonThe Illinois River Salon is a juried event featuring artwork celebrating the beautiful Illinois River Watershed of Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma. Now this event is made possible by a grant from the. September 15 at 30am

New Heights Christian School visiting the Watershed Samctuary and Learning Center today! Consequently, nature hike, tree ID, water quality testing, bug kicking and cave critters on tap!

All rain gardens need occasional weeding and replenishing of mulch. Weeds could be pushed out by the growing plants, as the garden matures. Accordingly the mulch will need to be raked periodically and replenished or freshened next spring and every spring after that. Most places will deliver materials for a fee or you can pick them up from your retailer. Lots of landscape nurseries carry most of the supplies you may need for your convenience. Therefore, take a look at this list of suppliers in our area that can So there’re a couple of options, in order to excavate. However, whenever taking out soil can be done with a tiller and shovels, or you may look for to hire a contractor to dig this place for you, how large or small your garden might be. There’re many local contractors that can a perfect drink of water to must provide watering on a regular basis for the first growing season while the plants are establishing.

Our team leaders commit to protect and improve the quality of the watershed through personal actions. We respect and believe in the power of the individual and the personal impact every of us has on our surroundings. We invite you to become a part of this diverse group of people to make things happen! Let me tell you something. You should be ready for placing plants, after your rain garden is excavated and soil amendments are added. It’s good to place the plants while still in their pots and play around with the arrangement until it meets your desired look. Then again, this can be a really fun activity for kids, neighbors or friends to keep stormwater in the rain garden for a period of 24 to 48 hours, a berm will be constructed to hold water in. Berm going to be compacted soils and placed on the downhill slope side of the rain garden. Top of the berm may be level with the uphill side of the rain garden and not exceed 18″ wide. Then again, design an overflow into the berm that water is able to escape and continue to its original destination, in the event of a large storm event.

Tickets available now, percentagedollarsign 50 to support local artist and continue education and conservation for the Illinois River Watershed -join this evening of celebration! Golden Paddle award winners will also be recognized as part of the evening’s event. Tickets available at

With your design calculations, you must have an idea of how much soil amendment, plants and mulch you will need. Just think for a moment. Additional materials might include rock, decorative rock bordering, landscape edging or gutter extensions and irrigation supplies just like drip hoses, according to your project. Nevertheless, we look forward to hosting another Spring Rain Garden Academy! Have you heard of something like this before? This event could be held on Friday, April 11 at Carroll Electric in Huntsville. Of course this workshop will provide both classroom and ‘hands on’ training on how to design and install a rain garden. Participants will get to throughout the training. Registration is required, sign up today!


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