Keep Your Herbs Happy: Vege Garden Design

vege garden design Actually the last thing you look for to do is to make it look smaller, So in case you have a small garden.

Stack pots against a wall by starting with the largest at the bottom and gradually getting smaller as you reach the top.

This takes up minimum space whilst being an eye catching feature. Cascading constructs are better way around this, as great visual assets to a garden. White washed timber, old tins and barrels and budding herbs can provide a modern have the nostalgic nuances of Nan’s backyard. Eventually, herbs just like lavender, oregano, rosemary and thyme will provide you with a wonderfully fragrant garden. You need to don’t overwater, overfeed or overplant your herbs. Gonna be placed in the foreground. Take note of the end product of your herbs to ensure optimal appearance for the finished garden. His first book, Sydney Precincts, is out now. Outside of his work as Editor of The Life Creative, Chris is also an interior stylist, presenter and author. Actually I had visions of cooking gourmet, organic meals from my balcony orchard, when I first bought them 8 years ago.

vege garden design Be inventive and resourceful, whenit gets to the appearance of your garden. Adding herbs to your back yard is the perfect opportunity to add dimension and character to your house -while also being equally as perfect for those with limited space. Classic culinary herbs and vegies are easy to grow and essential for those winter suppers. So it’s the perfect time to plant some fast growing flavours. Attach planter boxes with herbs in them to a hardwood wall to produce a picturesque functional artwork. Different coloured timbers can be implemented to give a totally different feel to your garden. Normally, larger containers allow you to plant upwards of 5 herb species.

Most herbs benefit from at least 5 sunlight hours a day so plant them somewhere that they can soak up the rays. Anyways, my partner Gavin and I had delusions of grandeur that we’d be living off the land in a matter of days after planting the herbs.

Cut to three weeks down the track and everything was dead.



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